Choosing Calidris means choosing…

A skilled team

The Calidris team is highly qualified and multidisciplinary.
– A strong initial training
– In-house support for all aspects of the profession
– Ongoing trainings to update and reinforce one’s competences

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A reliable and independent approach

The studies carried out by Calidris are impartial and well argued. Each study is entrusted to a manager who verifies and homogenises the work done by each expert in his field.


An excellent follow-up / guidance

Once our work has been completed, we provide after-sales service and assume responsibility for the conclusions of our reports before all authorities.

This crucial work in the life of a case is carried out by our top experts Gaétan Barguil and Bertrand Delprat.

Our strong legal culture leads us to anticipate, upstream, the litigation for a better consideration of the legal risk.

We can therefore support you at every stage of your project.

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A constant and participative watch

The curiosity of our experts is a considerable asset. As each of them is constantly monitoring their field, our working method is truly participative and each new piece of information is shared with the whole team: updates of official documents, innovative working methods, various news related to our activities…

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An optimal  establisment

With our three offices in Nantes, Dijon and Montpellier, we ensure an optimised follow-up in terms of travel for each of the studies entrusted to us throughout France and internationally.

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