Regulatory studies, management plans, population monitoring and other environmental diagnostics throughout France and abroad have forged our experience and know-how.

Environmental studies

Calidris is involved in carrying out the fauna and flora component of all types of studies and expert appraisals.

Impact studies assessment


Calidris is involved in carrying out the fauna and flora component of impact studies assessment for all types of land development projects (wind farms, photovoltaic projects, joint developement zones, roads, quarries, etc.)
– Impact assessment
– Natura 2000 impact study
– Derogation file
– Location of wetlands
– Classified installation for environment protection monitoring (mortality, activity, etc.)

(Northern wheatear)

In application of the decree of 24 June 2008 within the framework of the law on water, we carry out pedological analyses to characterise the location of wetlands in the regulatory sense.

Depending on the requirements, we can carry out “turnkey” files or only initial studies.

Our specificity: once our work is completed, we provide after-sales service and present the conclusions of our reports to all authorities.

This crucial work in the life of a file is carried out by our best experts Gaétan Barguil and Bertrand Delprat. Our strong legal culture leads us to anticipate, upstream, the litigation for a better consideration of the legal risk..

Mathematical models


Calidris develops mathematical models applied to renewable energies in order to objectify the conclusions specific to each project and to strengthen their security when they appear to be compatible with the regulations relating to biodiversity.

Evaluation of the risk of collision, what is the risk of mortality for the Red Kite and the Black Stork in the framework of my project?Defining the risk gain linked to a flange, what is the residual risk of collision on my project and from what residual risk does it appear compatible with the regulations and the biology of the species?

Formation / Conferences / Projects …


Calidris operates in France and abroad, providing its skills for the development of renewable energy in the context of :
– training courses
– international conferences, CWW 2011, 2013, 2017, Low Carbon earth Summit, 2012
– university projects, Airbone energy
– development of renewable energy production projects